Destructive Play…. Important?

Having infants in a mixed ages program and continually having to navigate the destruction vs the feelings and efforts of the others involved in the building this title: The Importance of Destructive Play for Babies and Toddlers caught my eye right off.

The article details 5 specific activities that most of us with babies and toddlers in care probably see on a regular basis. What I like was the learning value assigned to each activity. For me it reinforced the value of the natural play. I also could connect directly to the Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers.


I also realized that I do not document this type of play much, yet I should be because it is very developmentally appropriate. The dumping of the lego tub was the closest I could find. No built items were destroyed, but some of the preschoolers were not happy to have them all dumped.


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